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Better breathing

Did you know that most people often breathe too fast? We develop rapid and volatile breathing as soon as we experience stress. This type of breathing allows us to fight back or flee, which is very useful when we are in danger and a bear is chasing us for example. But nowadays we experience more stress when sitting in a chair. That specific deadline, a colleague who is absent and the hurry of everyday life can cause rapid breathing, which can cause you to develop shoulder and neck problems. But this also works the other way around: we will come to rest as soon as we have calm, quiet breathing. This workshop is all about the influence of breathing on our state of mind.

There is a handout available for all participants after the session.


1 session of 60 minutes

Number of attendees:

  • 50 online
  • 25 at your location
  • more attendees possible at extra cost and in consultation


  • € 495,- online
  • € 695,- on location

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