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chair yoga

Chair yoga

In order to maintain the quality of the work and the energy level, it is important to interrupt the day with short moments of relaxation and recharge. Chair yoga gives the brain the rest it needs for good thinking and creativity. Take a break from the hectic pace of the day, relax and recharge to continue the day energetically. The exercises help you to reflect on yourself and to listen to the signals of your body. This way you work preventively and you become more aware of built-up tension and physical complaints. Chair yoga is accessible: participation in normal clothing, no fitness required, everyone can participate!


30 minutes online

45-60 minutes on location

Number of attendees:

  • 50 online
  • 25 at your location
  • more attendees possible at extra cost and in consultation


At your location, inside or outside, or online. 


  • €   99,- online (30 min)
  • € 169,- on location (45-60 min)

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