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High Five

High Five offers on-site and online workshops, webinars, training courses and communication tools to support your employees.

"Why H5 if the true value is a 10 !"
Rick - Municipality of The Hague
"I am a great fan of the group classes, it’s a great start of the day with professional and inspirational trainers."
Niels - The Base
"I look forward to my online pilates and yoga classes. Just relax and unwind!"
Jacqueline - The Resident
"As a break from the working day, the lessons at noon give a huge boost to do some extra work in the afternoon."
Leo - Deloitte
"Great guidance. Every lesson motivates to do something extra to help you get fitter."
Esther - Waternet
"Highly recommended! The instructors are amazing and create a “cozy” atmosphere for you to do all kinds of training."
Diego - Erasmus MC
"Super fun and effective group lessons!"
Werdana - The Base
"Get away from work and relax by being on the move!"
Carolien - The Resident
"Great guidance, a personal approach and you always feel welcome. Great!"
Piet - Waternet
The Personal Trainings are specially tailored to your goals and you are always encouraged to go the extra mile."
Werdana - The Base
"Always nice to participate in the High-Five classes. Enjoy yourself in the spinning class or the circuit training."
Leo - Deloitte

A healthy mind and body is the base of every super employee

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • A complete vitality offer
  • Both on location and online
  • Ready made or custom tailored
  • Both in Dutch and English
  • Ultimate support for your employees
  • Motivated and expert trainers and specialists

Time for action!

  • Half of the Dutch population does not exercise enough. (Based on the Dutch exercise guideline.) (Source: CBS)
  • Only a quarter of the Dutch population meets the guidelines for a healthy diet. (Source: RIVM)
  • More than half of the Dutch experience an unhealthy amount of stress at work. (Source: AD)
  • About 1 in 3 employees suffer from work pressure. (Source: FNV)
  • Almost a quarter of the Dutch have sleeping problems. (Source: CBS)
Health checks


Healthy diet

Eating healthy can be very difficult. Eat more consciously thanks to the practical tips and recipes in these workshops.

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gezonde voeding

Exercise together

Moving together under the guidance of a professional coach. On location or together online.

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More energy

Saving energy in this busy world is often difficult. Learn to support your energy physically and mentally with relaxation.

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Coping with pressure

Work, family, social media, e-mail. Learn to deal with the pressures of today's world for more focus and job satisfaction.

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Omgaan met druk

Healthy weight and body

The scale doesn’t tell you everything. Learn in a healthy way to grow old by listening to your body and heart.

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Eten voor je gezondheid

Tailor made

Together with our specialists, put together a customized package that fully meets your specific needs.

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Strong resilience

Prevent suppressed emotions and increase your resilience. Be calmer and more aware in life thanks to mindfulness.

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Sterke weerbaarheid

Communication calendar

Every month a new topic with fact sheets and tips for your employees. Share via poster, intranet, communities or narrowcasting.

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Vital leadership

Tailor-made management training in the field of vitality, management and stress.

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