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Reduce stress with nutrition

This workshop focuses on the influence of nutrition on your stress levels. Everyone deals with stress and this can make us feel less happy, which results in making bad choices. Therefore, it’s good to know how we can support ourselves via nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

This workshop provides insights into what we shouldn’t eat during stressful periods. Practical tips to eat better and support the body.

There is a handout available for all participants after the session.


1 session of 60 minutes or 4 sessions of 15 minutes in 4 weeks (online)

Number of attendees:

  • 50 online
  • 25 at your location
  • more attendees possible at extra cost and in consultation


It is possible to record this webinar at an additional cost and make it available for a week.


  • € 495,- online
  • € 695,- on location

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