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High Five Progress

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We offer a wide range of workshops, masterclasses and physical training to strengthen your employees ability to perform by being active, healthy, relaxed and resilient


Yoga / Pilates

When stress and busyness occur, it is best alternated with moments of relaxation and tranquility in the form of yoga.

  • Exercise

Diabetes awareness

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. While there are certain factors that cannot be changed, such as genes, age, or past behavior, diabetes is preventable.

  • Healthy diet
Eten voor je gezondheid

Increasing your resilience

Resilience is about the ability you have to recover from a stressful event. During this highly interactive workshop you will learn more about resilience and you will actively work on increasing this.

  • Balance
Pro actief je vitaliteit managen

Better breathing

Did you know that when people experience stress, they develop rapid and volatile breathing? In this workshop we will work with the influence of breathing on your state of mind.

  • Balance
Meer lucht

Shape & Tone

This training consists of an alternation between cardio and muscle exercises and gives the metabolism a big boost!

  • Exercise
 Shape & Tone

Work-life balance

Learn to find a balance using the right tools between work and private life, in a pleasant way and with less stress.

  • Packages
Prettig thuiswerken

Healthy weight and body

The scale doesn’t tell you everything. Learn in a healthy way to grow old by listening to your body and heart.

  • Packages
Eten voor je gezondheid

Chair yoga

In order to keep the quality of the work high and the energy level up, it is important to interrupt the day with short moments of relaxation and recharge in the form of chair yoga.

  • Exercise
chair yoga

Work pressure & work-related stress

This workshop teaches to recognize stress and offers knowledge, insight and time to reflect. A concrete action plan is also being drawn up. What will be on the NOT-TO-DO list?

  • Balance
Werkdruk en werkstress