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High Five Progress

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We offer a wide range of workshops, masterclasses and physical training to strengthen your employees ability to perform by being active, healthy, relaxed and resilient


HIIT Training / Bootcamp

During the HIIT training / Bootcamp, participants get to work with the environment and use their own bodyweight as training.

  • Exercise

Reduce stress with nutrition

This session focuses on the influence of nutrition on stress. Everyone sometimes has to deal with stress, which can make us feel less comfortable and not always make the best choices.

  • Healthy diet

Having and keeping fun at work

During this interactive workshop you will learn to experience more pleasure in your daily work. Active work is being done to change the work experience of tasks, by adding playful or competitive elements.

  • Balance

Mindful working (from home)

This workshop serie focuses on the challenges that arise from working from home. It is also possible to apply it to working in the office.

  • Balance

Active break / Pop up

Active breaks throughout the day focused on mobility and flexibility help get the blood flowing, allow for freedom of movement and break up those long sedentary periods, especially when working from home.

  • Exercise

Shape & Tone

This training consists of an alternation between cardio and muscle exercises and gives the metabolism a big boost!

  • Exercise

Work-life balance

Learn to find a balance using the right tools between work and private life, in a pleasant way and with less stress.

  • Packages

Building emotional resilience

In this workshop participants learn about the causes of stress, fatigue and anxiety. They receive tools to develop easy strategies for a high level of resilience. This increases their capacity to bounce back after unpleasant and stressful events. A handout is available for the participants after the session.

  • Balance


Boxing is a tactical combat sport in which the condition is built up, and is trained for better foot, eye and hand coordination. We offer boxing for every level.

  • Exercise