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High Five Progress

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We offer a wide range of workshops, masterclasses and physical training to strengthen your employees ability to perform by being active, healthy, relaxed and resilient


Communication calendar

Every month a new topic with fact sheets and tips for your employees. Share via poster, intranet, communities or narrowcasting.

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Coping with pressure

Work, family, social media, e-mail. Learn to deal with the pressures of today's world for more focus and job satisfaction.

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Healthy diet

Eating healthy can be very difficult. Eat more consciously thanks to the practical tips and recipes in these workshops.

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Reduce stress with nutrition

This session focuses on the influence of nutrition on stress. Everyone sometimes has to deal with stress, which can make us feel less comfortable and not always make the best choices.

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Exercise together

Moving together under the guidance of a professional coach. On location or together online.

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Healthy weight and body

The scale doesn’t tell you everything. Learn in a healthy way to grow old by listening to your body and heart.

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Work-life balance

Learn to find a balance using the right tools between work and private life, in a pleasant way and with less stress.

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Strong resilience

Prevent suppressed emotions and increase your resilience. Be calmer and more aware in life thanks to mindfulness.

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More energy

Saving energy in this busy world is often difficult. Learn to support your energy physically and mentally with relaxation.

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