Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to your business by providing efficient, appealing Health Promotion programmes. A satisfied customer is always key to our services, and our strong internal quality and environmental management system allows us to work continuously on improving quality and reducing our environmental footprint. The High Five Health Promotion quality and environmental management system is ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified.

Sustainable business practise

High Five Health Promotion constantly improves the sustainability of its business practices, as recognised both by the FIRA platform (Extended CSR Report based on ISO26000, GRI and AA1000) and EcoVadis (silver rating). 

We are an active member of various branch organisations across Europe, such as NL Actief, Europe ActiveUK Active and DSSV. The Fitness Accreditation awarded to us by the Dutch sector organisation Stichting LERF confirms that we fulfil the requirements of a professional organisation in our sector, as encouraged by the management team and coordinated by the quality department.

Our quality department works together with the internal audit team and other departments to continuously assess and improve processes and procedures.


The wide range of training opportunities available means that our professionals – our fitness coaches and physiotherapists – are always up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. They are assessed annually in various competencies, such as the way in which they provide instruction, assess and motivate. Quality assurance also means keeping active and continuing to provide employees with training opportunities.

EcoVadis silver rating

High Five Health Promotion obtained a score of more than 46/100, earning the silver accreditation rating. This fantastic result places us in the top 30% of all suppliers and businesses assessed by EcoVadis.