Corporate fitness

High Five Fitness Network (Intenz gezondheidsplan)

Would you like to give your employees the opportunity to work out or exercise at reasonable costs? High Five has a large network of affiliated fitness and health centres throughout the Netherlands, so there is always a fitness centre near you. Interested in the possibilities? Call us on +31204261234 and make a free, no-obligation appointment.


Give your employees the opportunity to exercise at one of the many High Five fitness centres near you. This will make it much easier for them to get started, and once a few employees have taken the initiative, more will follow. Call us to discuss the possibilities – we are happy to help.


Would you like to work out or exercise through your company without spending a lot? Tell your employer about the corporate fitness possibilities at High Five. Did you also know that we can help you change to a healthier lifestyle? We provide personalised advice on exercise, diet and relaxation. 

Fitness centres

Do you run a fitness or health centre and are you interested in becoming a High Five affiliate? Call our account manager to discuss the benefits – he or she will be happy to help.

More exercise, more energy

Exercising more makes you feel better. This is why we help your employees embrace a healthier lifestyle, step by step, through our corporate fitness programmes, personal training, nutrition coaching or a personalised vitality plan. Fitness enthusiasts are also welcome to work out or join in a training session at one of our many fitness centres.

Benefit from the High Five Network

  • Your employees can do sports advantageously
  • High Five takes care of the communication towards your employees
  • High Five takes care of the administration
  • Everything is bundeled in our Health Portal
  • Health checks and quick scans for all your employees