Age is just a number

At High Five Gemeente Den Haag we have clients over 96 years old. These men are retired employees of the municipality of The Hague and are still members of our gym there! Besides the fact that we promote health for all ages, it is always fun to see how we still manage to change peoples' lives.

The hats are part of our new campaign Around the Club, where you can earn one by trying all kinds of different lessons and equipment in your own gym. Get started and earn your own!

It is a known fact that with age muscle weakness and physical frailty are common side effects. Still, multiple studies have shown that  exercise training is a feasible and effective means to counter this and to be able to keep moving even through the years.

We have exercise plans for every kind of age and every kind of person, they are all personalised to your own needs. Do you wonder if this could be you in a couple of years? Start now and stay fit!