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The vitality movement

At High Five we believe that a healthy mind and body are the foundation of every super employee.

With our passionate, personal and innovative approach we move people towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We empower you and your employees to achieve all goals.

Jump on board and join the vitality movement.

Our services

Vitality Spaces

Encourage your employees to be active, relax, recover and be social engaged with vitality spaces. 


Clinics & Workshops

Give your employees the tools and motivation to take steps towards a healthier, balanced and happier life.

Clinics & workshops

Checks & Coaching

Many employees do not exercise enough, eat unhealthily and sleep poorly. It is also difficult to find a balance between private and work life.

Checks & Coaching


Our physiotherapists are experts in the overall health and well-being of employees and specialise in work-related physical complaints.


Why you should invest in business vitality for your employees right away

  • Happier, healthier and more energetic employees
  • Reduction of absenteeism
  • An attractive image as an employer
  • Better employee retention
  • Strengthening the company culture and team spirit
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KPMG - Vitality central in the organisation

The Vitality space at our client KPMG/Meijburg is an amazing example of the fusion of vitality, connection, fun and relaxation. You can take a short break with your colleagues during a game of pool or foosball, take a break from sitting behind your desk using the stretch rack and rollers in the Hangout. Get started with guidance from our professional coaches and work on your strength and endurance in the Workout. Or work on your recovery with the help of our physiotherapists!


Sabic - Less absenteeism and more job happiness

The complete vitality centre The Well opened its doors back in1989. Sabic employees are supported with a wide range of services such as Fitness and group classes, physiotherapy, physical reintegration, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness, yoga and various workshops on ergonomics. Also because of the good connection with the Organisation OR, Occupational Health and Safety Service and the insurer, our team manages to make a huge impact.

Vacatures Hoofdkantoor1

High Tech Campus Eindhoven - Sport and vitality bring people together

Centrally located on one of the most innovative business campuses in the Netherlands, you will find Campus Wellness. Here, people can work on their health, relax and connect with the other people and companies on campus during the many indoor and outdoor activities.

Vacatures Hoofdkantoor2

GLS - 1 week, 17 locations, 72h workplace assessment

Prevention of heavy physical strain, repetitive work and unfavourable working postures is hugely valuable in preventing sick leave. GLS is aware of this and has chosen National Vitality Week to address this issue. During these visits, we mapped out the physical load and work posture and gave all employees practical tips and tricks for the shop floor that will benefit them directly.

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Together we make an impact on the employees of: