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About us

At High Five we believe that a healthy mind and body are the foundation of every super employee.

With our passionate, personal and innovative approach we move people towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Jump on board and join the vitality movement.

Our company

  • 7 Countries
  • 100.000+ Vitality members
  • 67 Corporate Vitality Centers
  • 1988 Established
  • € 12.000.000 Turnover
  • ISO ISO 9001
  • 240+ Employees
  • 130+ Contractors
  • 1% Community give back

Our approach

  1. 1. Insight

    Testing, goals, intakes, personal training schedules

  2. 2. Knowledge

    Personal assistance

  3. 3. Action

    Lessons, group classes and activities

  4. 4. Motivation

    Campaigns, challenges, community and rewards.

Behavior is often persistent, Therefore, behavioral change with the aim of a healthy lifestyle is an important challenge within a vitality program. This 4-step methodology is applied successfully. This method is the basis of our guidance and activities.

Our people

Passion - Energy - Flexibility - Empathy - Commitment

Our employees are our greatest asset. They are the ones who will support your company and employees on a daily basis with advice, action and motivation.

We attach great importance to selecting employees who fit in with the culture and mission statement of your company.

In addition to a good education, we also firmly believe that our employees must have the right personal qualities.

Passie - Energie - Flexibiliteit - Empathie - Commitment

Our clients